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Fear Creates The Firearm Surge of Gun Purchases

The COVID-19 virus has created uncertainty and fear throughout the nation. Simply put, people are afraid for their families, their friends, and for themselves. This feeling is not unlike what occurs after the latest mass shooting the involves many deaths. However, this latest…


Life is Life, Pre and Post Birth

When people say they are “Pro-Life,” they almost always are speaking for the life of the unborn and against the abhorrent practice of abortion. But life is life, whether that life is a child within the womb or a child physically living independently…


Christians, Get Involved!

There have been two horrific mass shootings using guns within the last six weeks that have collectively taken over 80 lives and left hundreds badly injured.  One would think that now, finally, our legislators would say what we have been saying for years,…


The Time to Talk About Mass Shootings is Always NOW!

As what always happens after a large mass shooting, gun-rights’ politicians offer their “prayers and condolences” and refute any attempts to talk about gun laws because “People are grieving,”  “It is not decent to talk about it,” or something similar.  After the mass…


Whites Have a Vital Role to Play in GVP

Those opposed to reasonable gun legislation often insist that gun violence is mostly due to Black-on-Black crime in our inner cities and does not directly affect Whites living out of large cities.  This is not the whole story, however.  Nationally, 61% of all…


GVP Supported The Constitution & Iconic Documents

I often shake my head in disappointment when I see or hear that a particular candidate or legislator “believes in the 2nd Amendment.”  That statement is almost a guarantee that just the opposite is true!  Gun-rights advocates often refer to the 2nd Amendment…