USA has 45,000 deaths a year in USA: 60%+ suicides.

USA has highest gun homicide rate, highest number of guns per capita among Western Developed Nations (WDN). 

USA has more gun homicides than nearly ALL WDN combined.        

USA rate of gun homicide by children 5-14 is 13x higher than in other WDN.

Women in the USA are 11x more likely to be killed by gun than in other WDN.

Almost half of the world’s civilian-owned guns are in the hands of Americans (Jill Filipovic).

A gun in the home increases risk for women being killed by 7x. (Stanford Study)

67% of gun owners cite personal protection as the primary reason they have a gun in the home.

38% of gun owners say there is a gun both loaded and easily accessible all of the time.

A gun in home increases chance of being killed by 72%, is 22x more likely to be used in suicide and homicide than in self defense.

According to Harvard University, a gun in the home increases risk of suicide by 3-5x.

Senior citizens use guns to commit suicide more than any other age group.

In MN, gun deaths are over 500/yr with 70% being suicides and 90% of those are white, rural and suburban. 

In MN, AF-Ams comprise 6% of pop yet commit 50% of statewide homicides.

Mental illness accounts for 2-4% of person on person gun deaths. 

Gun violence in MN costs $2.2 billion a year, or two Vikings stadiums. 

Toddlers are 2x more likely to be killed by guns than are police.

In 2015, toddlers killed 2x as many people than did terrorists. In 2016, January through April, the count was: toddlers 22.5, Muslims 0.

Weapon of choice in mass murders is the AR-15 or similar assault rifle.

Nearly all gun massacres are committed with assault-type weapons.

Of the 134 mass shooters who have preyed on Americans since 1966, three have been women, making mass shooting a 98% male enterprise. 90% of murderers are men-firearms are used in close to 70% of homicides (Jill Filipovic, TIME, October 2017).

42% less gun deaths in states with more gun laws.

48% less gun deaths in states with UBCs.

Comprehensive background checks cut domestic murders in half.

48% more gun deaths in states with SYG laws.

84% of MN support comprehensive criminal background checks, including 77% of Republican voters.