Welcome to our forum for sharing Christ-centered perspectives on gun violence prevention. 

We invite you to read and reflect on our messages. We also invite your comments and perspectives. Recognizing the emotional, often heated opinions on gun violence, we request the following:

  • Above all, be kind. We do not have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.
  • As brothers and sisters in Christ, please comment respectfully. We ask that opinions of gun owners and non-gun owners be respected and tolerated.
  • Do not use profanity or insults. Any profane or rude remarks will be not be approved. For example, we will not approve references to gun-nuts or gun-fetishists. Likewise, we will not approve references to liberal sheep or anti-gunners. Respectful terms include: gun owners, hunters, non-gun owners, pacifists. Civil discourse is the rule.
  • Be open-minded. We encourage you to read the messages thoughtfully. Consider viewpoints different than your own and pray for understanding and insights. Christ is always at work.
  • Stay on topic. ENGAGE is concerned with gun violence prevention. Comments that stray from the topic of gun violence prevention will not be approved.
  • Be patient. Our group is small and entirely comprised of volunteers. It may take time to approve and post comments.

Blessings and peace,

The ENGAGE team

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WHY DO WHITE MEN STOCKPILE GUNS? A recent study in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 14 March 2018, found that men on average possess two times as many guns as female owners. Furthermore, the ones who felt most emotionally and morally attached to their guns were 78% white and 65% male. Why white males? 1. They are anxious…


A LEADER OF MINNESOTA GUN RIGHTS said that Jesus wants us all to be armed to protect ourselves from the “perverts” in the Capitol. This comment came during a pro-gun rally in front of the Capitol last week. Let’s take a closer look at this charge. First, there is no record in the Gospels that…


GOOD FRIDAY is a good day to talk guns. At our “Seven Last Words” service, one of our pastors referred to gun violence in two of his sermonettes. I celebrate his love and courage. How appropriate. Tim’s first word was “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” He cited the…


How fitting that Passion Sunday and MarchForOurLives occurred the same weekend. As Jesus rode (marched) into Jerusalem to confront humankind’s brokenness, so did millions around the world march to confront the brokenness of gun violence. Gun violence does break us. Since 1999, 187,000 students have been directly impacted by school gun violence in 193 schools.…