ENGAGE is dedicated to creating a more gun safe society. Our mission is: To MEDITATE on, EDUCATE about, and ADVOCATE for gun violence prevention in the nonviolent Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Towards this end, we sponsor the ENGAGE website (engageelca.org) which has commentary and resources; a FACEBOOK page (ENGAGE-ELCA), a weekly ENGAGE: CONNECTING THE DOTS conversation on Wednesdays, 11:00-12:00; a quarterly ENGAGE-FOCUS which centers on pertinent GVP topics. The entire goal is A2A: Awareness To Action.

We believe the resources are available for study and conversation. Now, what can we do to ACT? Here are some suggestions:

1. Write letters and emails to elected officials. To contact your state legislators, type in: senate mn, house mn. The governor can be contacted at mn.gov/government. To contact your national legislators, type in: house.gov, senate.gov. The president and other departments can be found at usa.gov. Letters and emails make a difference. Our governments are “of the people, by the people and for the people”. We the people set the agenda for progress.
2. Join the the online conversations. Send me your email and I will send you the links.
3. Participate in DAYS ON THE HILL and rallies on the State Capitol steps. We will keep you informed.
4. Since this is an election year, attend candidates’ forums and debates. Ask questions about their support for GVP action.
5. Write Letters to the Editor of your local newspaper. Keep your concerns alive. Go public.
6. Invite ENGAGE to lead a GVP presentation in your church. No cost!
7. Host an in-home gathering to talk about GVP. A member of the ENGAGE Team would be happy to lead the conversation.
8. Volunteer to write a commentary for the ENGAGE website.
9. Become a member of the ENGAGE-ACTION-TEAM which is kept informed of actions.
10. Feel welcome to suggest other actions.

Jesus came to redeem, liberate and transform the world. He created AWARENESS through teaching and preaching. Then he ACTED to give his words life! He is the prime example of A2A: Awarenes to Action. And so are we graced and called to A2A: to make real the Reign of God for a more gun safe society. Thank you for your partnership! Let’s keep doing it!

Blessings and Peace!
Ron Letnes (Rev. Dr.)
CONTACT: letnesron@gmail.com