Isaiah 9:2 provides a hope-filled Advent promise in our darkening age of increasing gun violence: “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness – on them light has shined.”

The coming of Christ bestows a Light based in reality. God engaged the world as a human being, as Christ, to concretely engage and transform the world’s actions to peace. In the reality of gun violence prevention, this Light of Christ is present in the reality of what can be done to make all more gun safe. There are two areas of reality, of action, of light: GUN SPECIFIC and SOCIAL SPECIFIC.

GUN SPECIFIC: 1) Registration of all guns; 2) Universal background checks of all guns sold by licensed dealers and private sellers; 3) Adoption of Red Flag Laws; 4) Prohibition, jail and fine for all who “straw” sell and purchase weapons; 5) Licensing of all guns; 6) Renewal of licenses after three years; 7) Banning of all military-assault style rifles; 8) Magazine size limit to 10 rounds; 9) Cancellation of dealer license if caught selling illegally; 10) Hiring of more ATF agents and using local police to police dealers; 11) Mandatory lock-up of guns and ammunition in the home; 12) Outlaw Second Amendment Sanctuary Laws; 13) Mandatory waiting period for gun purchases; 14) Mandatory gun safety training; 15) Banning of inter-state transportation and selling of unregulated weapons.

SOCIAL SPECIFIC: 1) Address poverty, hunger, employment, wages, healthg care availability, housing shortage, mental health needs, education funding, vocational training, more humane incarceration practices geared to assisting prisoners in re-entry into society, adequate funding and hiring of police and holding police accountable.

The Advent Light of Christ coming into the world to transform the reality of the world through us is a calling and responsibility, as well as a real possibility. Each of us is an expression of the real Christ to make the GUN SPECIFIC and SOCIAL SPECIFIC cures a reality. It is we who make the GVP transition from DARKNESS TO LIGHT. It is doable. The LIGHT has come to LIGHTEN our darkness.


Ron Letnes (Rev. Dr.)