Such are the words from a song titled “It is Time”. The chorus goes: “It is time, it is time, it is time to say enough. It is time to say no more. It is time, it is time, it is time to get tough, it is time, it is time to restore.” The final verse reads: “Safety for all, freedom for all, joyous life for all.”

The Minnesota House is poised to pass four major gun violence prevention bills. The bills are: HF14, Expanded Background Checks; HF15, Gun Violence Protective Orders; HF396, Ethan’s Law Requiring Safe Storage of Guns and Ammunition; HF601, Duty to Report Lost or Stolen Firearms. These bills have passed out of committee and are being sent to the House floor for final vote. Then, when and if they pass, they will be sent to the Minnesota Senate for consideration and hopefully final passage. Governor Walz has pledged to sign the bills.

What is vital for those of us concerned about gun violence prevention, is to contact our House Representatives and urge them to pass these bills. Unquestionably, these bills will save lives while protecting the right of responsible gun owners to purchase and use. You can find the email, mailing address and phone number of your representative by Googling: House MN.

We also need to urge the passage of a GVP bill that is being introduced in the Minnesota Senate by Senator John Marty. It is very comprehensive, and judging from the bills he introduced last year, it will be a game changer for gun safety. Last year the bills included: licensing and registration, training and insurance, enlisting gun trafficking as a crime, banning “ghost guns” and AR-type semi-automatic weapons, banning large capacity magazines, requiring permit holders to have strategies for deescalating potentially lethal encounters. Senator Marty writes, “With cars we require the operator to be trained and licensed. We register the vehicle and re-register it when transferring it to a new owner. We require liability insurance. We also require safety modifications and regulate how and where they are driven. For guns, there is no licensing, no training requirement, no registration, no insurance, no safety equipment required. This enables criminals to obtain guns with no background checks, no waiting period – no means of enforcement at all.” Contact Senator Marty for specifics on this new bill. Go to: Senate MN for his email and phone number.

Psalm 31 pleads: “Save me, lead me, guide me, rescue me.” We in Minnesota have the privilege and calling to respond with life-saving actions. In the name of Jesus, let us act.


Ron Letnes (Rev. Dr.)