Guns in the home significantly elevates the risk of injury or death. Data from studies confirm:

  1. Increases the risk of suicide by 3-5 times.
  2. More than 600 children die by gun suicide every year, and 80% of them use a gun owned by a relative.
  3. Increases risk of domestic violent death by six times.
  4. Is 22x more likely to be used in suicide, homicide and unintentional shooting than for self-defense.
  5. Toddlers kill more people than do terrorists and are 2x more likely to be killed than police.
  6. American women are 16x more likely to be murdered by guns than in other Western Developed Nations.
  7. Increases chance of being klilled by 72%.
  8. Provides 80% of mass shooters with their weapons.
  9. Makes firearms the leading cause of death for kids.


Moms Demand Action has developed the BeSMART gun safety protocol:

SECURE your guns in the home and in vehicles. There are an estimated 13 million households with children that contain at least one gun. Store the gun(s), unloaded, in a locked safe or cabinet. Store ammunition in a separate locked space. Homes are 78% safer if locked. An estimated 385,000 guns are stolen each year, with 25% stolen from cars.

MODEL responsible behavior. Tell your children if they see a gun, DO NOT TOUCH but report it to an adult. In the home, lock up weapons.

ASK about secured guns in other homes. Your children need to be protected. If the other home has guns that are not secured, do not let your children play in that home, but invite them to your home.

RECOGNIZE the role of guns in suicide. Most people who attempt suicide do not die, unless they use a gun, when the lethality is 90%. 40% of child suicides use a gun. 17% of high school students have seriously considered suicide. 41% of adolescents report easy access to guns.

TELL your peers to BeSMART.