AR 15 Legacy

Crandon, Wisconsin (6 killed/1 injured)
Santa Monica, California (5/3)
Aurora, Colorado (12/58)
Newtown/Sandy Hook (27)
Orlando, Florida (49/50)
Las Vegas, Nevada (58/100s)
Sutherland, Texas-Church (26)
San Bernardino, California (14/21)
Parkland, Florida-School (17)
Boulder, Colorado (10)
Atlanta, Georgia (8)
Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh (1/1)
Poway Synagogue, Poway, CA (1/3)
Waffle House, Nashville (4/2)

Lessons from Australia

On 28 April, 1996, a man used a semi-automatic weapon to kill 35 and wound 23. In the 18 years prior to 1996, Australia had suffered 13 mass killings. Since new laws were introduced there have been zero mass shootings. Homicides dropped by 59% and suicides by 65%.

What did they do?

  • Banned automatic and semi-automatic firearms
  • Introduced new licensing requirements
  • Instituted a national firearms registry
  • Instituted a 28 day waiting period for gun purchases
  • Bought and destroyed more than 600,000 civilian-owned firearms that cost a half billion dollars and funded by raising taxes