The COVID-19 virus has created uncertainty and fear throughout the nation. Simply put, people are afraid for their families, their friends, and for themselves. This feeling is not unlike what occurs after the latest mass shooting the involves many deaths. However, this latest record-breaking surge of gun and ammo purchases has occurred not following a mass shooting but during the COVID-19 pandemic. It does not matter that a virus and guns are, on the surface, unrelated, as having access to guns is not going to protect one’s family, friends, or oneself from contacting the disease. No, guns and ammo are not flying off the shelf in record numbers because of the virus itself but because of the fear that the government will begin confiscating guns and ammo on a large scale as a method of government control or take-over. Despite the fact that this has never happened before and is not a valid thought in our functioning democracy, the fear still exists among thousands who do not trust our government. This is unfortunate, as fear is not fact. Such an irrational view is unsafe and counter-productive. The truth is that more guns and ammo will not result in a safer family, state, or nation, will not help rid our nation of COVID-19, but, instead, will most surely add to additional uncertainty, fear, injury, and death.