When people say they are “Pro-Life,” they almost always are speaking for the life of the unborn and against the abhorrent practice of abortion. But life is life, whether that life is a child within the womb or a child physically living independently of its mother. It should be logical, then, that Christians be as much in favor of all manner in which children die, and this must include gun-violence.
However, as bewildering as it sounds, many Christians evidently do not equate one with the other. They are adamantly opposed to abortion but show an indifference to the thousands of children who lose their lives to gun violence every year. And why? That’s a debatable question, but the answer in large part most certainly includes the view that government should not interfere with their Second-Amendment right to possess a firearm, as they interpret that right to be.  And yet, these same people probably hold the view that the federal government should remove Roe v. Wade from the books and outlaw abortion.  That dichotomy, I feel, is unexplainable.
Christians, I ask you to re-examine your views on gun-violence prevention (GVP) efforts.  God wants his people to live. Life is precious, Life is to be protected. Life is life, and we should not be choosing which lives are of greater value, those before or those after birth.  In both cases, children die.  We must work to save them.