There have been two horrific mass shootings using guns within the last six weeks that have collectively taken over 80 lives and left hundreds badly injured.  One would think that now, finally, our legislators would say what we have been saying for years, ENOUGH!!  WE MUST ACT!!  But after the shock and alarm dies done, we hear little from Congress and the media–and this silence is deafening.

How can this be?  Is gun violence not violent enough yet?  Already, gun violence in this country victimizes more people than car crashes in many states and more people than the opiod epidemic.    Is not a serious discussion and action on gun violence as vital as the continual banter we are currently hearing about sexual harassment, tax reform, Trump, and meddlesome Russia and particularly now, with the shadows of these horrific killings hanging over us?

Christians should be leading the charge in this discussion, because we are expected to be moral guides and beacons of hope, peace, and non-violence.  But it appears that, for many Christians, God and Guns have equal status, as if guns are part of Scripture.  Well, they aren’t, Brothers and Sisters.  Sutherland Springs was yet another horrific attack on a Christian church–it could have been your church.  Take it personally.  Get involved.  Do something to reduce gun violence!