In the darkness of Atlanta and Boulder, THIS I KNOW:
1. Glorification of an individual right to own a gun is contrary to the Will of God. All are created in the Image of God to love each other. The Ten Commandments are Ten Commandments to live and love nonviolently.
2. Glorification of an individual right to own a gun is unconstitutional. The Preamble to the Constitution stresses “in order to form a more perfect union”, “insuring domestic tranquility”, and “promoting the general welfare” as what it means to be a nation of “We the people”. Individual rights are granted within the parameters of the common good.
3. The 2nd Amendment addresses the right of states to form militias for the safety of the state, and NOT to open the flood gates of individual gun ownership and the formation of private militias.
4. Rightly focused gun laws make a major difference for insuring gun safety. States and nations with these laws have the lowest rates of gun violence.
5. Rightly focused laws include: banning or regulating assault-type weapons, limiting the size of ammunition magazines, universal background checks to include sales between licensed, private and online dealers; waiting periods to pick-up a weapon, procuring a permit to purchase from police, mandating gun safety training, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, prohibiting open-carry, unloading and locking up in-home weapons and locking up ammunition in a separate safe, licensing and registering all gun sales, prohibiting straw purchasing, holding gun sellers responsible for illegal gun sales, requiring liability insurance for gun owners, and . . . .
6. These rightly focused laws will NOT prevent a responsible adult from purchasing a weapon.
7. Citizens in both political parties must demand legislative action to pass responsible gun laws.
8. Economic inequality increases the odds for gun violence.
9. Racism increases the odds for gun violence.
10. Followers of Jesus must demand legislative action and practice individual, in-home gun safety.

Blessings and Peace!

Ron Letnes (Rev. Dr.)