LAWS MAKE A DIFFERENCE. In the Old Testament, the Ten Commandments were the foundation of Jewish Law. In the New Testament, Jesus’ Great Commandment compressed the Ten Commandments into loving God, loving neighbor and loving yourself. A mantra in the United States is “We are a nation of laws.”

Gun violence prevention also has a foundation in laws. Why? Because wise and respectful GVP laws save lives. Laws make a difference. Here are four laws that make a difference.

1) CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS. In most states including Minnesota, background checks are required only when a gun is purchased from a licensed federal dealer. Purchasing from a private seller does not require a CBC. This is called the “loop hole.” Statistically, CBCs lower gun death rates.

2) RED FLAG BILLS. A Red Flag Bill would permit a family member to temporarily remove a weapon from a person who is undergoing personal difficulty or severe stress that may cause the person to be a danger to themself or others. The weapon can be returned when the person is feeling well or been treated.

3) DATA COLLECTION. Many states including Minnesota and the Federal Government, have laws that prevent the gathering of statistical data about the effects of gun ownership. Federally, this was caused by the passage of the Dicky Amendment. As thoughtful and thorough analysis about auto deaths prevented millions of auto deaths, so will similar analysis prevent many gun deaths. This law would treat gun violence as a public health issue.

4) BLOCK EXPANSION of laws that cause gun deaths, such as Stand Your Ground, Permitless Carry and Campus Carry.

Data for the above laws can be examined on two sites: and

LAWS MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If laws were good for the Jewish community, good for Jesus, good for America, they can also be good for us.


Rev. Ron Letnes