ENGAGE is sponsoring an educational advocacy event called VOTE UP!. The purpose is to energize action to address gun violence prevention (GVP). GVP needs laws as well as personal responsibility. VOTE UP! will stress both with the balance weighted on political involvement. Here are the specifics. Hope to see you!

VOTE UP! A Time to Stand Up and Speak Up for Gun Violence Prevention! The ENGAGE Work Group of the St. Paul Area Synod is sponsoring an event to prepare the faithful to vote for those candidates who will provide GVP leadership in elected office.

VOTE UP! will provide information on GVP and suggest laws which will promote gun safety. We will share our personal gun experiences, learn of Biblical foundations for GVP, hear statistics of gun violence and prevention, talk about myths of gun violence, be informed of historical perspectives of guns in America, and be provided resources for ascertaining candidates’ positions across all political perspectives. It will be up to the faithful citizen to vote and decide whom to support. Each section will include presentation and ample time for comments and questions.

PRESENTERS are all on the ENGAGE Work Group Team: Rev. Jodi Barry, Chaplain at Woodwinds Hospital, Jay Thacker, Protect Minnesota Board Member and teacher, Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, Executive Director of Protect Minnesota, and Rev. Dr. Ron Letnes, Protect Minnesota Board Member.

WHERE AND WHEN: Saturday-13 October, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, 285 Dale Street North, St. Paul, Minnesota. TIMES: 8:30 Registration, 9:00 VOTE UP!, 11:30 Home. COST: Your commitment!

QUESTIONS AND REGISTRATION: Rev. Ron Letnes, ronletnes@hotmail.com OR 763-291-4003

I like to believe voting is how we follow Jesus.


Ron Letnes