2019 PREP! is a reframing of VOTE UP!. The Church’s public witness is guided by the interplay between WORD and WORLD. Each tugs at the other. There are parameters of respect. The challenge is designing ways for common enlightenment. 2019 PREP! is one such way. It is as Bonhoeffer wrote (paraphrase): “We cannot experience the reality of the world with out the reality of God, nor the reality of God without the reality of the world.”

You are invited to 2019 PREP! The 2019 Minnesota Legislative session is a’coming! Gun violence prevention will be a major issue for decision. The ENGAGE Work Group of the St. Paul Area Synod, whose mission is to MEDITATE on, EDUCATE about and ADVOCATE for gun violence prevention in the nonviolent Spirit of Jesus Christ, is sponsoring 2019 PREP! to assist us in addressing gun violence prevention during the session.

SHARE personal gun stories
DISCUSS Biblical texts which address violence
CONSIDER statistical evidence that tells the gun story
LEARN of our nation’s foundational gun history
REFLECT upon gun myths
HEAR of laws that will save lives

PRESENTERS: Rev. Ron Letnes, Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, Rev. Jodi Barry and Jay Thacker

DATE: Saturday – 13 October 2018
PLACE: Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
285 Dale Street North – St. Paul
TIMES; 8:30 – Registration
9:00 – 2019 PREP!
11:30 – Home
COST: Your Concern and Commitment!

Rev. Ron Letnes

Hope to see you!