The recent election spells difficult days ahead for gun violence prevention (GVP). Trump’s victory, coupled with his blind support of the Second Amendment and bowing to the NRA, spell high odds against any GVP laws being passed. Similarly, with the Republicans now in control of the Minnesota House and Senate, similar negative progress is probably the norm. Elections matter.

Now what? We can take heart in Luke 21:5-19. It is the end time of Jesus’ earthly ministry. He has entered Jerusalem. The final countdown has begun. He told his disciples the Temple would be destroyed, they would be persecuted by the state and religious leaders, some of them would be executed, and they would be rejected by friends and family. Yet, these realities would give them the opportunity to give testimony to the truth, and by their persistent endurance in telling the truth in the face of negative odds, they would save their souls.

Those of us who fight for GVP (gun violence prevention), are facing strong head winds, hurricane like resistance. God’s call to us is “give testimony” to the truth of GVP. Be persistent! Endure the winds! Never be silent that 33,000 people die of gun violence (GV) each year. Never be silent that 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides, and comprise 82% of gun deaths in Minnesota. Never be silent that the USA has the highest homicide rate, the highest number of guns per capita, the highest rate of deaths than all of the other high income countries. Never be silent that the US rate of firearm homicide for children ages 5-24 is 13x higher than any other developed country. Never!

By consistently telling the truth in the name of Jesus, we will gain our souls! We will be faithful disciples. God’s grace is sufficient for the task!