Recently, a talking head made the comment: “Three similar facts make a trend.” Here are three facts plus one that expose the rising level of violence in our nation:

#1: TRUMP’S OBJECTIVIZATION OF WOMEN. Women can be used for his pleasure because he is famous. Women continue to go public with their stories of how Trump has violated their person. Trump’s “stalking” presence during the second debate gave many the impression he was trying to intimidate Hillary Clinton.

#2: THE NECESSITY OF BLACK LIVES MATTER: Videos of police shootings of African-Americans have raised valid questions about police practices, police training and racial profiling.

#3: POLITICAL CAMPAIGN ACTIONS: Violence at Trump rallies, the rise of the ultra-nationalist and racist Alt-Right in support of Donald Trump, and Trump’s “scorched-earth” strategy in seeking the Presidency, attacking any opposition with a viciousness beyond the pale. I would call Trump’s actions as “unhinged” from any sense of decency.

#4: CAPTIVITY OF THE “CHRISTIAN” RIGHT: Far Right Christian leaders such as Franklin Graham, James Dobson and Pat Robertson excuse Trump’s comments on women. The Far Right Evangelical support of Trump’s candidacy yields religious affirmation of his exclusionary and demagogic policies.

In my mind, each of these is like a gun to the soul of America.