Who we vote for is whom we serve. Why? We choose to agree with their positions, or most of them. Voting is giving assent to a candidate’s positions. Assent is serving. We will consider Hillary’s and Trump’s positions on gun violence prevention, beginning with Trump.

Trump says: “The Second Amendment is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.” He also supports: 1) Enforcing laws on the books; 2) Fixing broken mental health system; He opposes: 3) Banning guns and large magazine bans; 4) Background checks; He supports 5) A National Right to Carry Law so people can protect themselves; 6) The right of military personnel being able to carry weapons on bases and at recruiting centers.

The problem with #1 is that he forgets the first part of the amendment which specifically names a “well regulated militia.” “Regulated” is the operative word, and “militia” entails an organized group akin to our National Guard. Yet, it does open the door for all people having guns, but the word “regulated” is still operative. Trump is a shill for the NRA.

#2 is spot on. We need to allocate considerable resources to fix our broken mental health system.

#3 is dishonest. No one is calling for the outright banning of guns. Also, too many shootings are committed with assault weapons with large magazines.

#4 is a lie. Background checks work. Missouri and Connecticut tried universal background checks and homicides declined by almost 40%. Police unions call for universal background checks.

#5 is a farce. More guns mean more death. Statistics don’t lie.

#6 is pandering to the military. Military personnel carry weapons on bases, or at least have access. At recruitment centers, the government sets the policy.

Trump’s positions on gun violence prevention are ill-conceived, misinformed, pandering and dishonest. The result will be more guns in the hands of more people leading to more shooting deaths.

Voting for Trump is to serve his positions.