Addressing gun violence prevention (GVP) means playing the “long game!” Progress is like a “dim glow!”
Yet, there have been beams of light recently for which we can be grateful and give encouragement.

THE SUPREME COURT: Recently, the USSC issued a positive decision in Voisine v. United States which bans domestic abusers from owning firearms. The crime of reckless domestic violence and abuse is now considered a misdemeanor that justifies firearms possession restriction.

HILLARY CLINTON: Hillary has been outspoken in her support of GVP measures, particularly about universal background checks. This takes courage.

CONSISTENT SUPPORT in the polls in support of universal background checks. Percentages in support are in the 70-80% range, including members of the NRA.

I am reminded of the Baptism candle that is presented to each Baptized candidate. The Light of Jesus is given so the Baptized can be a Light of Jesus. We are the Lights! There is Light shining!

Ron Letnes