Gun violence can be addressed (attacked) from several angles. I would suggest that each of these angles would protect a right to bear arms by responsible persons, those who would not be a danger to themselves or others. Here are the angles:

1. Mandating universal background checks to include those with a mental health concern, guns purchased from a licensed seller (already included) and private and internet sellers (not included).
2. Expand the waiting period for NICS response to a week.
3. Passing Red Flag Laws (Extreme Risk Protection Orders) which would authorize the temporary removal of a weapon from a person who is a danger to themselves and others.
4. Registering all guns made and sold by gun manufacturers, including serial numbers.
5. Limit the number of guns that can be sold to an individual.
6. Hold manufacturers responsible for violent marketing strategy.
7. Requiring all sellers to report stolen guns whether personal or from a store.
8. Licensing all gun buyers and mandating safety training.
9. Requiring all buyers to procure a Permit to Purchase from the local police department. The P2P could include the question of why there is a need for a weapon and requiring references.
10. Require a several day waiting period before being able to pick-up your firearm.
11. Make it mandatory that guns in the home be locked-up and unloaded  with the ammunition separated from the weapon and locked-up.
12. Hold gun owners responsible for guns stored and stolen from their cars.
13. Require gun owners to purchase liability insurance which would further hold them responsible for their weapons.

I would also ban the selling and purchase of semi-automatic assault style weapons. Or, of a person wants to purchase such a weapon, make it a requirement that the weapon must be stored with a local gun shooting range and used only on the premises. The maximum ammunition load would be limited to 10 rounds.

The concern is lessening the degree of gun violence by holding everyone in the gun chain accountable. 40,000 gun deaths a year along with an estimated 73,000 people injured by guns each year is a wake-up call for action.

Let love for God, others and self be the ultimate angle of attack!


Rev. Dr. Ron Letnes