ENGAGE Table Talk is a time of preparation to push forward gun safety. Recent statistics of Minnesota gun deaths counts 465 people gone. About 80% are gun suicides, almost 20% are homicides and a small percentage are accidents. The United States ranks #1 among Western Developed Nations in the rate of gun deaths. BY FAR! Last year nearly 40,000 people died of gun violence in the USA. We need to save lives. We can do better.

Hence, ENGAGE is sponsoring a conversation on GVP (gun violence prevention). We will share our stories, learn how to create a safe gun environment, and learn of laws that are being considered and can be passed to ensure more effective gun safety. Presently, the Minnesota Legislature is considering two bills (See previous blog). Legislators need to hear from us. Here are the specifics of the ENGAGE Table Talk. Hope to see you!

ENGAGE Table Talk: Share our personal stories. Learn what scripture and the ELCA say about weapons and gun violence. Learn the analytics of GV (gun violence). Learn about “Gun Myths.” Learn what we can do personally and politically to create safer homes, schools, work places and leisure. Pray and sing!

PRESENTERS: Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, Ex. Dir. of Protect Minnesota, Rev. Jodi Barry, Chaplain at Woodwinds, Jay Thacker and Rev. Ron Letnes.

WHERE AND WHEN: Our Savior Lutheran Church, 9185 Lexington Ave. North, Circle Pines, Minnesota.
Saturday, 23 March. Registration at 8:30 and session from 9:00-11:30 AM.

REGISTRATION /QUESTIONS: ronletnes@hotmail.com and 763-291-4003.


SPONSORED BY: ENGAGE Work Group of the St. Paul Area Synod-ELCA.

Hope to see you!

Rev, Ron Letnes