Rightly focused gun safety laws save lives. States that have the tightest gun safety laws have the lowest rates of homicides and suicides. (See: www.protectmn.org, www.thetrace.org) Those state also protect the right to purchase and own guns.

The Minnesota Legislature will consider two GVP (gun violence prevention) bills this session which will lower gun violence. The bills are:

HF 1669: MANDATORY BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR GUN SHOWS AND PRIVATE SALES. Background checks are quick, easy and widely accepted way to keep individuals with dangerous histories from buying firearms, and are favored by 97% of American voters, including 97% of gun owners nationwide.

HF 1605: GUN VIOLENCE PROTECTIVE ORDERS. Prevent gun tragedies before they happen by empowering families and law enforcement to request protective orders blocking access to guns by a person who poses a danger to self or others.

What are some courses of action? 1) BECOME INFORMED. Check out the ENGAGE Blogs and Resources at www.engageelca.org; 2) ADVOCATE: Politicians listen to their constituencies. Positive actions include: calling, writing or visiting your legislator and expressing your views. Contact information can be found by Googling: Minnesota Legislature and then clicking on Senate or House Names; 3) JOIN the ENGAGE Action Team by going to the www.engageelca.org/ENGAGE Action Team and sign up. You will be contacted about actions you can do; 4) PRAY: God promises to guide and provide. In prayer we open ourselves to connection with Jesus who promises grace for the time.

Blessings and Peace!

Rev. Dr. Ron Letnes