The Star Tribune Minnesota Poll interviewed 625 registered voters between April 15 and April 18, 2018 about gun violence, gun ownership and gun control. Here are the results.

Support or opppose stricter gun laws in the USA? 56% support and 31% oppose. NOTE: Democrats and Independents are much more likely to support stricter gun control laws than Republicans: 86% (D) to 52% (I) to 26% (R).
Support or oppose training some teachers and allowing them to carry guns in school? 35% support and 59% oppose.
Support or oppose raising the legal age to buy a gun from 18 to21? 63% support and 27% oppose.
Support or oppose banning military-style rifles with detachable magazines, such as the AR-15? 57% support and 31% oppose.
Support or oppose mandatory background checks on all gun sales including private sales? 90% support and 8% oppose.
If more people carried guns, do you believe your community would be safer or less safe? 36% safer and 54% less safe.
Is Congress going too far with gun control, or not going far enough? 23% too far and 45% not far enough.
Favorable or unfavorable opinion of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas students? 52% favorable and 16% unfavorable.
Favorable or unfavorable opinion of the NRA? 35% favorable and 43% unfavorable.
Does anyone in your household own a firearm? 52% yes and 44% no.
Support or oppose stricter gun laws in the USA? 56% support and 31% oppose.

What can we take away from this poll? 1) People want more laws that promote gun violence prevention; 2) Those running for political office can garner support across the political landscape by supporting gun laws that promote safety; 3) Universal background checks is an electoral winner! Politicians, have courage! Stand and speak for gun safety laws!