What could an OMNIBUS GUN SAFETY LAW look like? In the aftermath of another school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the high school youth have taken it as their cause to demand new gun safety laws. What could an OGSB contain?

1. Universal Background Checks for all sales through licensed dealers and private/online sales.
2. A 28 day waiting period (borrowing an idea from Australia) before final purchase.
3. Mental health certification that the buyer is of sound mind. Include mental health status in NICS system.
4. National ban of assault/semi-automatic weapons.
5. Registration and licensing of all firearms.
6. Domestic violence restraining/risk protection orders on gun purchase for a period of time.
7. Gun owners must lock-up weapons and ammunition, as well as lock them separately.
8. Shut down bad apple gun dealers who sell guns without background checks or oversell.
9. Require a gun safety course for all gun purchasers.
10. Ban high capacity magazines (limit to 10 rounds).
11. Ban police-killer bullets.
12. Must be 21 to purchase a handgun.
13. Oppose Stand Your Ground and reciprocal conceal and carry laws.
14. Allocate funding for the study oif gun violence.
15. Long guns for hunting and sport shooting are permissible under supervision.

16. Liability insurance for all gun purchases.

None of these laws would prevent a responsible gun owner from ourchasing a weapon for sport, hunting or home protection. Gun safety is the goal.

What do you think?