A LETHAL MIX is being brewed in the White House and nation’s capitol. It is a mix of Donnie Tweet’s twisted mental state, absence of compassion, ignorance of history, unabridged nationalism, twisted sense of justice, narcissisistic ego, racial animus, fetish for money, blind loyalty of Republican syncophants, unbalanced reliance on generals and the military, and unquestioned support for the NRA and guns for everyone!

And now the rant: ” Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”, referring to Haiti and Africa. He wants White Norwegians. Coloreds not apply. Now the hypocracy. On the same day he uttered this racial hatred, he taped a MLK, Jr. commemorative speech for 15 January.

Now I like a good mix! My favorite drink is a Singpore Sling. My mix includes a jigger of slo gin, dry gin, apricot and blackberry flavored brandy, a teaspoon of powdered sugar and a 7-Up. It makes a delightful statement, certain to send one into la-la land for a time! But it doesn’t hurt people. It fosters gaity and common spirit. Certainly, too much and too often is not healthy. But as a Lutheran in Minnesota, I subscribe to moderation.

Tweet’s and the Republican LETHAL MIX is not occasional nor moderate. The mix is spinning our nation into a chaotic national bender. We are in a Constitutional crisis mode. The FBI is being attacked, Republicans are trying to discredit Mueller’s investigation of Russian ties, money laundering and obstruction of justice. Environmental safeguards are being stripped, voting rights are challenged and yes, gun rights expanded. Tweet’s head can be shaped like a gun, always offensive, never apologetic, angry, unkind, and always blonde and White. It is a LETHAL MIX.

MLK, Jr said (paraphrase), “There is a time when silence is a betrayal.” Bonhoeffer spoke of the characteristics of a “misleader.” Speaking of Christians, Bonhoeffer said, “His faith and love must know whether the dictates of the state may lead him against his conscience.” What he meant was following Jesus may alter our inner certainty, our ingrained conscience. And finally, he says, “Who stands firm?”

We are at that point. The LETHAL MIX of Tweet and the Washington loyalists are darkening the core of our Constitutional democracy. Will the Church stand firm in Christ? Or, will our future be an ever flowing bender of chaos?


Rev.Ron Letnes