I support the legitimate use of guns for hunting, sport shooting and personal protection. I have a problem with guns used for intimidation, for preparation of war with the government and for support of racist, fascist, authoritarian, Alt-Right gatherings. These armed gatherings become massacres waiting to happen.

In these situations, guns become instruments of war, of me against you, of cause against cause, of flag against flag. It is beyond free speech, but instead becomes a force-threat free-for-all. What is a strapped on AK-47 or AR-15 supposed to symbolize? Then you couple it with torch light marches reminiscent of Nazi rallies in the 1920’s and 30’s, mix it with chants of Nazi “blood and soil”, add a dash of “christian” validation and thrust a Nazi salute to the heavens, how inappropriate is this form of gun use?

This is 2nd Amendment on steroids! There is no regulation, only a puffing shout of “My rights!” at the expense of others safety. When guns are used to threaten and intimidate, locked and loaded, guns become a menace to life, and have crossed the line for appropriate use.

Free speech is just that. FREE SPEECH! Let our words be our weapons. Let our words, chants and signs proclaim our values. Take your guns to the shooting range or hunting or leave them at home under lock and key. Let our military fight our wars. Street demonstrations are meant for peaceful exclamation. The mix of weapons of war with volatile ideology is a dangerous blend.


Ron Letnes