There is a reason why the Ten Commandments ring true in Jewish and Christian communities. They provide an ethical framework for life and a bridge for relationship with God. It is also significant that the frieze above the United States Supreme Court building includes Moses. Laws make a difference to advance civility and justice, as well as enhance the positiveness of American civil religion. Similarly, laws can make a difference in addressing gun violence prevention (GVP). New York State provides an example.

Legislators from the State of New York are pushing forth a 10 bill GVP set of laws which they believe will lessen GV. The bills include actions to: 1) require micro- stamping technology to be implanted on all firearms which will make tracing guns used in crimes easier; 2) prevent those convicted of hate crimes from possessing a gun; 3) limit domestic violence offenders from possessing certain weapons; 4) restrict an individuals access to guns if police or family members observe a threat; 5) expand safety and storage requirements; 6) restrict sale, transport and possession of guns that are undetectable by x-ray machines; 7) establish more stringent gun research to examine cause and impact of GV; 8) close loopholes in background check system; 9) combat flow of illegal guns across state lines; 10) provide guidelines for a state gun buy back program.

Significantly, NONE of these laws will prevent responsible gun owners from purchasing a gun. Significantly, ALL of these laws will PREVENT gun deaths.

LAWS MATTER! These laws are a form of TEN COMMANDMENT REDUX for life!


Rev. Dr. Ron Letnes