Two dangerous gun bills, Stand Your Ground and Permitless Carry were not added to an Omnibus Public Safety Bill in the Minnesota House. Significant credit for this omission should go to the many gun violence prevention organizations whose supporters consistently showed up at hearings and rallies. Some of the organizations were Protect Minnesota, Everytown, Moms Demand Action to name a few. Many wore orange Ts. Their message: Enough!

Yet, a gun bill could still be submitted separately. The Chair of the PS Committee, Rep. Tony Cornish, is an avid supported of gun rights and bows to the will of the gun lobby. He will not let up and neither should the GVP (gun violence prevention) folks.

It is important to understand that the GVP folks are not anti gun. The overwhelming majority support gun use by responsible gun owners for hunting, personal protection and sport shooting. We only want to keep guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers, those on the Terrorist Watch List and the mentally ill.

It is dishonest for the gun lobby to paint our efforts with a broad brush meaning we want to take away all guns. All of the GVP folks I know only want to pass responsible common sense gun laws to lessen gun violence. This means sitting down together to study trends and statistics to develop safety measures to protect people and prevent unnecessary gun violence.
We do not welcome another “gun law repreive”. Instead we welcome a responsible gun law victory for the sake of life.