What kind of king are we seeking? “Donkey King” or “Gun King”?

Palm Sunday-Passion Sunday features Jesus entering Jerusalem, the power center of Judaism, on a donkey instead of a white stallion. Humility and nonviolence is the message.

Many wanted Jesus to lead a revolution to overthrow mighty Rome. Later these folks would choose the zealot Barrabbas to be set free instead of Jesus. They wanted a “gun king” as their liberator.

Jesus was and is a nonviolent liberator. Swords and daggers not. Touch and words yes. “Donkey King”!

Too often our culture desires a “gun king” to liberate us from real and imagined threats. Too often we the people are the “gun kings”, or we elect leaders who epitomize the “gun king” commitment. We want our leaders to ride the white stallion. Donkeys are for the weak.

I met with our state representative a couple of weeks ago to urge his opposition to two dangerous gun bills. I talked about legitimate common sense gun regulations. He talked about cars killing more people than guns. I responded that cars are made for pleasure and work and guns for killing. Silence and smile. There always is an apologetic for the “gun king” spirit.

Yes, there are justifiable uses for guns. Still, I am looking for more “Donkey King” action!