To quote Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, Executive Director of Protect Minnesota, ” “The Permitless Carry and stand your ground (SYG) bills introduced yesterday in the state legislature represent the most extreme views of the gun lobby, not the moderate views of most Minnesotans. They are dangerous bills that would put law enforcement officers at risk and divide our communitiues along racial and cultural lines.”

The permitless carry bill (HF0188) would authorize anyone to carry a gun without a permit. This would include shotguns, rifles, and even semi-automatic assault weapons without so much as a background check, says Nancy. Presently, one must undergo a gun safety course to procure a conceal and carry permit.

“Similarly, the Stand Your Ground bill (HF0238) would change Minnesota’s existing authorized use of force law by removing the obligation to retreat from danger before using deadly force. If passed, it would be admissible to use deadly force any place and anytime a person subjectively believed their life to be threatened, except against police officers”, says Nancy.

These bills are dangerous because there is no requirement for a person to undergo a background check nor gun safety orientation.
84% of Minnesotans want universal background checks. UBC are proven to lessen gun violence. Also, a JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION study of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law concluded, “The implementation of Florida’s SYG defense law was associated with a significant increase in homicide and homicide by firearm….”

ENGAGE urges opposition to these bills by contacting your representative and senator. Life safety is NOT advanced by these bills.