President-elect Trump vowed to personally eliminate gun free zones on his first day as President. His fealty to the NRA and blind interpretation of the Second Amendment signal guns for a gun free for all!

And more. Trump’s selection for the Director of the CIA is a torture advocate. Trump’s selection for Attorney General has found fault in the KKK only because some of them smoked pot. He voted against the Violence Against Women Act. He supported Citizen’s United. He voted against reissuing Section Five of the Voting Rights Act. Trump’s selection as Security Advisor has played footsy with Putin and Erdogan of Turkey and is a military hard liner. Colin Powell has called him “nutty.” Trump’s senior advisor is Steve Bannon, an Alt-Right advocate, anti-Semite, racist, and one committed to tearing the structure down. And Trump, his racist, misogynistic, sexist bellows are on tape, as are his call for law and order, and he just lost his case against his “Trump University” to the tune of $25 million while not admitting guilt!!!

Trump and guns? Look at the metaphors. Violence and the gutting of life and liberty abound. Guns in words. A commentator said this evening, “We are looking at the creation of a security state.” I recall Amos: “For the three crimes and four…I will not revoke the punishment….Seek the Lord and live.” We in the church are called to confessing Jesus by speaking up, standing up and acting up for equality, love and justice.