“For everything, there is a season….”

Ecclesiastes 3 speaks of all things having their time on the stage. Stuff happens, good and evil, love and tragedy, war and peace. This is not a list of justifications and professing that all things are all right. Junk happens, and God is present and working in the midst to affect God’s will.

Gun junk continues to happen. Orlando is the latest. Yet, on the same day, the human toll nationally was 134 mass gun happenings had occurred this year. Gun junk.

Good happens, too. Today, there is another outcry to take common sense action to limit gun junk. Three senators are moving to pry action out of a recalcitrant Republican controlled Senate. Their demand?

One, to pass a bill to prohibit those on the Terrorist Watch List from purchasing a weapon. Those on the TWL cannot fly, but they can purchase a gun! Does this make sense? Convince me! This movement is called, “No fly, no buy!”

Second, the senators are pushing for universal background checks. Already, if you want to purchase a gun from a Federally Licensed Dealer, you must pass a background check. Failing a BC would prohibit a felon, one convicted of domestic abuse or those who are mentally unsettled from purchasing a weapon. However, if you are a private seller and are selling over the internet or out of your car, the buyer does not go through a BC. This is called the “gun show loop hole.” Studies have indicated that states that have instituted universal background check have seen significant drops in homicides and suicides.

“For everything there is a season.” It is the season for action on these two life saving actions. Contact your senators and demand action. It is the season!